Tuesday, February 21, 2012

fat tuesday and lent

happy fat tuesday! i will surely be eating well tonight. possibly some chicken enchiladas, rice, and definitely something good for dessert.

as for lent, i decided to give up fast food this year.  i definitely understand that lent isn't about only giving something up, it's about understanding why you are fasting and choosing to make different decisions.  i like to pick something within my reach to keep.  giving up fast food will definitely be an inconvenience for me, but i hope it will also make me a healthier person.  i would love to keep this going past lent, but i am looking forward to trying and hopefully succeeding.  

in the mean time, i will think about everything i won't have for the next 40 days: mcdonald's, dunkin, subway, wendy's, burger king, panda express (or any food court junk for that matter), dairy queen, kfc, popeye's, arby's, nathan's hot dogs, sonic, and taco bell. 

oh boy, this should be interesting.  if i missed anything, please add to my list!


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