Sunday, February 12, 2012

this past week and some sad news

another week of teaching our golf and life skill curriculum in waterbury.  this week i was a block away from this great italian bakery, avventura, and needless to say i was there almost every day.  the desserts, especially the chocolate canolis were fabulous.  

roxy loves watching tv with me

this is what happens when her water gets low. i guess you can have mine
sadly, yesterday, after work, my dad called and told me that my 15 year old cat, fergie passed away.  he had a heart attack at my parents' house and luckily didn't suffer.  i got him during the summer between 2nd and 2rd grade with his brother stanley.  after a cat i received for my first communion passed away, my mom decided she wanted to get me an orange tabby.  we called a bunch of different shelters and finally found a tabby.  when we went to go get him (i already knew i wanted to name him stanley), ferguson was in the cage with him.  ferg jumped right into my dad's arms, and we knew we couldn't just take stanley.  

fergie was the weirdest cat ever.  he loved milk his whole life, and when he wanted it, he would just wait next to the fridge.  i would pull a bottle of juice out, ask him if he wanted some, and he would just sit there.  i would keep doing that with pickles, olives, or other jars or bottles and he would just sit there.  when i finally would take the milk out and ask if he wanted that, he would meow over and over. he also licked people. i never understood it, but he would sit on my lap and keep licking my face.  he looked like a cow and had a little goatee.  he really was a sweet cat.

begging for milk

fergie and stanley... they're not too good at paying attention


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