Saturday, February 4, 2012

super bowl weekend

living with 4 guys, obviously super bowl weekend is a big deal, especially this year in new england.  to make the weekend more interesting, we have jeff's parents' 2 goldens here for the weekend... they are so fun! roxy isn't really afraid of them, i just think they are a bit overwhelming - jack and jill don't really seem to care about her either!

for the super bowl, i plan on making a few different things, and i will post the recipes next week.  so far on the list are:
- cheddar biscuits (hopefully like the ones from red lobster, with a recipe adapted from all recipes)
- macaroni and cheese (my mom's homemade recipe)
- chili cheese dip
- maybe something for dessert!


Mike said...

The biscuits were amazinggg!

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