Friday, February 3, 2012

another week in the books

another successful week teaching little elementary students golf. this week was a lot of fun, and like my past couple weeks, has opened my eyes to the lives of inner city kids.  it makes me so happy to see them having fun and enjoying golf after what i have heard and seen about their lives elsewhere in school and at home.  

now, and for the rest of the weekend, i am on the couch after having very minor surgery on my back. i had an unknown something removed, and even though the stitches aren't very comfortable, they are making me have excellent posture! so here i am, sitting on the couch, with my laptop, watching season 6 of 7th heaven with headphones in (super guilty pleasure... got seasons 6-8 for christmas), laughing while mike and dave play super mario on the wii and banter about who is the worse partner. 

here are a few pictures from my week...
out to dinner early in the week with our friends
family dinner later in the week with the roomies
see! perfect posture! 
and now sharing a dinner of tortellini and brownie batter (not together) with rox


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