Monday, February 27, 2012

music monday

new guilty pleasure song... come on, you can't help but dance in the car when this comes on.  i like this lyric video, but the music video is terrifying, hence why i didn't link to that.

in bigger music news, i changed the pre-sets in my car. to anyone who doesn't know me, you don't think this is a big deal.  the truth is, i set the pre-sets in my jeep when i first got it, a little over 7 years, and i haven't changed them since.  during that 7 years, i spent 4 of the years at college (about an hour and a half away where none of the stations work) and almost a year at my current home (same situation).  for some reason, keeping them always reminded me of driving around in my truck when i was 16, so this is a biiiiig step for me haha.  now i don't need to scan from 106.9 to 92.5 every time i want to find a song, hooray!


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