Sunday, February 19, 2012

seriously? this sucks.

this week sucked. there is no other way to say it. 

like i said last weekend, my 15 year old fergie passed away last saturday, so i have been thinking about and missing him.  on tuesday, mike and i had a great valentine's dinner, but shortly after i came down with the flu and missed a couple days of work. this was on top of the cold i've had for 2 weeks.  i still have a sore throat and a pretty froggy voice.  blah.

and yesterday, my mom called and said that another one of my cats, bernie-johnny, passed away.  he had been in a fight with something (he is an outdoor cat), and had a collapsed lung.  there was nothing they could do.  he was only 6 years old.

he and his 2 brothers, robbie and hideki, showed up on my parents' deck when i was a junior in high school.  every night, for a couple of months, 6 little eyes would look in the sliding glass door, and just stare at us and our 2 indoor cats (stan and fergie).  obviously we had to feed them, and they kept coming back.  they weren't really afraid of us, but they also didn't want to come inside.  the first one to come inside was robbie, and it was almost as if bernie and hideki sent him inside to see if the coast was clear, because as soon as robbie started visiting inside, so did bernie.  bernie was such a love bug.  he loved to cuddle, and would rub up against you as hard as he could until you pet him.  he was kind of a space cadet, too, and was really in his own world.  he was the most beautiful cat, too, he had brown, white, and some orange tiger markings.  
mike and bernie 
stan loved his little brother bernie
it was an absolute shock.  i couldn't take it any more.  mike and i drove down to rhode island, and we spent the day playing with stan, robbie, and hideki as well as looking at old pictures of all the cats as kittens.

i miss fergie and bernie so much. 

visiting hideki, robbie, and stan 
i love my stanley


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