Friday, December 21, 2012

Let's close up for Christmas!

Leaving work early this afternoon for Christmas break, all I could think about was this song [and how I can't wait to watch Christmas movies and bake cookies all weekend]!  I've been prepping all afternoon for a dinner party with all of my roommates' parents. Taco night!

I am also so excited to report that I will be traveling to Nashville in February and Las Vegas in April for work.  In my end-of-year meeting/evaluation, my boss gave me this great news along with a few incentives for 2013.  I love my job and this is just frosting on the cake!  I can't wait to return in 2013!

Don't forget to check out the post below this about the winter gift exchange!


Jen said...

Woo hoo have fun in Vegas!!! :) I will be there in April as well.

Kelly said...

How exciting that you get to travel for work!

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